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An encapsulated treatment solution along with ESG and SDG aspects

The Fact


Carbon Negative

Minimal transportation is needed for delivering selected organic food waste to the decentralised Feedspresso network. No residues are sent to the landfill, saving tons of CO2-e to achieve carbon negative.

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High Flexibility and Decentralise

The 20ft container is able to be operated anytime and anywhere. Its food waste treatment capacity can be expanded according to the actual needs of the neighbourhood and client’s requirement.

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 Turn Waste to Feed

Equipped with the one-stop "waste to feed" production line, tons of food waste are converted to animal feed in the compact container.

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Low Cost

Unlike traditional food and organic waste treatment facilities, which require large land area and millions of dollars of development cost, Feedspresso is able to operate in 200ft² of space with little setup cost. Cost per ton of food waste handled by Feedspresso only amounts USD42!

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Community Education

Scattered around the city, Feedspresso raises the public's awareness of the food waste issue as well as provides information on food waste classification and recycling, serving as a mobile education centre. Animal feed can be used as an incentive to encourage people to recycle the food waste.

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The Food Waste Issue



More than 1/3 (approximately 1.3 billion tons) of food produced is lost or wasted each year according to the UN. It is likely to further increase to 2.1 billion by 2030.


Only in Hong Kong

3,600 tons of food waste are thrown away everyday, producing 9,260 tons of daily CO2-e. This is equivalent of 48,000,000 cup noodles, 42,400,000 egg tarts, or 250 double decker buses!

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Lets join hands to build a resilient food system. 

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