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Embedded IoT System

for hassle-free monitoring

Real-Time Operational Data


The weight of food waste will be recorded and broadcasted, and the treatment process begins from the (1) separation of water, oil and crushed solid waste, then (2) the weight of BSF which has been added to mix with, (3) the weight of mixed ingredients and (4) the weight of extruded feeds are automatically uploaded so as to calculate the extraction ratio along the process. In addition, ambient temperature and humidity level, with (5) AQI index inside Feedspresso will be measured to ensure odour will not be generated in a dense level.








Apart from Feedspresso waste to feed, the sensors are also located inside the BSF ecosystem and aquaculture water quality system such that the one-stop traceability is all the way to the end.

Before and After
BSF and aquaculture quality Measurement

pngegg (4).png
pngegg (3).png

Quality Assurance

The end products – animal feed and aquaculture products will comply with global feed safety and local food safety standards via certification bodies.


Carbon Emission Calculator


Throughout the food waste conversion process, carbon calculation is conducted to help users estimate the amount of CO2-e and GHG saved, and thus achieve carbon sink KPIs by certified carbon auditors

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