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Welcome to our world!

We are going to tell you as much, as simple about Black Soldier Flies as we can.

Don't Google!

Don't Wiki!

All data are collected by ourselves, what you see is what we are getting right now.

The 20,000% growth rate in 10 days! 


We've just born 3 days!

Adults are often born within 12-15 days, , they start mating immediately and lay eggs until they pass away...

Our life cycle

BSF Eggs

Stage 0

Baby worms

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6

We weight 0.125mg per egg, 350-680 brothers and sisters are born from our parent.

We weight 0.93mg per hatch, however, there are usually only 70% brothers and sisters which can survive. 

We weight 27.7mg per teenager, we will start getting fatter and fatter in the upcoming 5-7 days.

We weight 0.21g per larva, we will start changing colours from white to brown, but we can still eat twice as much as our body weight!

We weight 0.18g per pre-pupal, we start losing weight since we are about to stop eating, we eat slower now, around 1.5x our body weight and we are getting dark brown.

We weight 0.13g per pupal, we stop eating and harden ourselves as a cocoon, and will crawl up to the top to rest.

We weight 0.8-1.2g per adult, our mouths are degenerated so that we can only drink, our mission is mating and lay eggs, we will pass away after 10 days.

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